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Old Trooper Gunsmiths LLC



In on consignment. Yugoslavian ZPAP rifle. This is a single stack kalishnicopy. Comes with 12 10 round magazines and thumb hole stock. No bayonet lug or flash hider. Does come with accessory rail equipped top cover. A decent low capacity AK. A good back up or youth rifle. May be unfired, consignor is unsure.

Just in on consignment! A Rossi RS 22M. This new rifle does not come with a box ,however does come with three magazines and is in the powerful 22 Magnum caliber. Also features a red dot optic. Just the perfect summertime varmint gun. In a synthetic stock ready for your cabin, backyard ,or next range trip. $300

Just off of the bench. Chinese type 53 rifle. This is the Chinese built M 44 Mosin Nagant carbine. In the powerful, formally common 7.62 x 54 R round. Features shorter 20 inch barrel and side folding bayonet. Rifle has Vietnam war style finish. A mixture of bluing ,Parkerizing and patina. A truly shootable relic that has been reconditioned to Vietnam war appearance. Get your shooting collectible today. $350

Just in. CVA stalker. This is a single shot break barrel 30-06. Comes pre-tapped for a CVA optic mount. Also has holes for iron sights. Synthetic stock with recoil pad. Has a Bergara manufactured barrel and an extended hammer and barrel catch. New and unfired. Possibly the cheapest way to get a accurate rifle in this caliber. New in box. $450

Just in. A Harrington in Richardson single shot “handy rifle “. This synthetic stock rifle comes in 22-250. 2Features Mossyoak camouflage and optic rail and factory supplied optic. We’ve included a sling to get you ready to go out into the field this season. A nice inexpensive back up gun or just a fun range toy. New in box :pick it up today! $300

Off of the bench. A OTG rebuilt Remington 1903A3. “Substitute standard World War II service rifle “. Was rescued from a non-operational drill rifle. The barrel has been replaced with a very nice two groove barrel and the bolt has been replaced with a new old stock piece. A very nice very accurate 30 /six rifle. And priced affordable enough that it could become your daily shooter if you could afford the ammo. We salvaged as many original parts from the rifle as possible. We even threw in a nylon M1 type sling. Get your soon to be collectible shooter today. $800

Just in on consignment. BM 59C model. This was the Italian 762 NATO conversion of the M1 rifle. This rifle was built using a very good Italian surplus parts kit and what appears to be a Springfield Armory commercial receiver. Their receiver was modified by a local machine shop to be M 59 specs. Rifle was refinished and had the artwork inlet on the stock. Consignor is selling because he is left-handed and the rifle consistently ejects into his forehead. This is the early model unlike the James River rifles that were offered a few years ago. A lot of M1 rifle parts interchange. So get this big 762 battle rifle while you can. Think of it as an M1 with a 20’round box magazine and a flash hider. $1600

Just off of the bench. Trap door Springfeild. This Indian wars vintage gun is ready to go to the range. Has been restored from its almost relic condition to shootable status. The metal has not been refinished. the rust has been removed with penetrating oil and a toothbrush. We did our best to preserve the original finish. The bore on this rifle is immaculate and shiny. If you’re brave enough this could get your deer this year. Seeing that 4570 is now approved in Ohio for hunting. Just remember blackpowder or black powder replica loads only. Fill that hole in your collection with this shootable antique today! $600

Just off of the bench. Enfield 2A. This is an Indian made version of the World War I British number one mark three rifle. The Indians and Australians kept manufacturing the world war one Pattern rifle all the way until the 1950s in Australia’s case, and in India‘s case all the way until the 1980s. In the late 50s the Indians began production of the “2A pattern“. The most notable change was the transition from 303 British to 762 NATO(.308).Just like their current inch pattern FAL rifles in service with their front line troops. This particular rifle was built from a barreled receiver with World War I style parts. A great way to get a classic Enfield in a vastly more available caliber. $550

Off the bench. Mystery K 98 pattern Mauser. Bolt is Of German origin the rest of the rifle is undetermined with very few markings. Might be Chinese or other country manufacture. Is in the pre-war rebuild configuration. A perfect 8 mm Mauser in the “been there done that“ look. comes with sling. $325

Just off the bench. K 98. This is a South American model. It is true to K 98 specs. However it was re-barreled in the 1960s with an FN manufactured barrel (best I can tell from how few marks there are) into American M2 ball. Or as most of the world calls it 30-06. A nice looking rifle and a popular caliber. $450