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Old Trooper Gunsmiths LLC



Just in on consignment. A North American arms “mini revolver“. This all stainless steel 22 magnum five shot revolver is quite the popular deep concealment or backup gun. Comes with pocket holster, stag grips, and very low round count. It’s short season coming up. Get a gun that you can take everywhere. $250

Just in: and Wesson model 10–6. This classic American revolver is built on the medium size K frame. Which has proven to be Smith and Wesson‘s best seller and longest manufactured handgun. First put into production in 1906 and still is in production today. This particular revolver features a 6 inch “pencil“ barrel and target grips. Most likely dates from the early 60s. Still in 38 special and has been tuned for target shooting. An excellent range gun or an outstanding bedside companion. $435

Just in on consignment. This very classy smith and Wesson 10–7. Aftermarket synthetic ivory grips on a 4 inch barreled round butt revolver. It is the tried-and-true medium K frame Smith and Wesson product that filled police officers holsters for almost 100 years. In 38 special, blued finish and highlighted front sight. A perfect range gun or outstanding bedside companion. Built during the 60s when Smith and Wesson was still at its heights. Don’t miss out. $475 $425