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Old Trooper Gunsmiths LLC



In on consignment. Smith and Wesson M&P 9 shield. This first generation popular carry gun is in 9 mm Parabellum. Has an aftermarket trigger, call by us. One magazine and concealment holster c. Ibelieve it has aftermarket night sights as well. A good little carry piece cc for a budget price.  $350

In on consignment. Taurus PT 22. This is a copy of a Beretta bobcat. This unique design is magazine fed and semi automatic, but features a tipping barrel barrel to load in your first round. Interesting design developed for a compact gun or weaker shooters. And add a fraction of what the Italian made gun is currently going for. Comes with one magazine and aftermarket grip wrap. A neat little pocket gun in double action only. $275

In on consignment. A CZ model 70. Think of this as an improved 32 automatic version of the Tokarev pistol. Actually came from the factory with a safety unlike most Tokarrevs. Still has the rugged all steel construction and a single action lock work. A very comfortable pistol to shoot made a little more comfortable by the wraparound rubber grip. Comes with military issue holster and one magazine. A nice back up pistol or good range peace.  $250

Just in. Hans Gruber on a discount. This is perhaps one of the heaviest and most complicated 380 pistols (read german reliability) ever made. This is a sigsauer P232SL. Features all stainless steel construction is a traditional double action pistol with the traditional Sigg decocking lever. Comes with the factory rubber grips two magazines and two holsters. A perfect heavyweight Carry piece. $600