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Oh look.... saw this one coming..

Posted on September 7, 2019 at 11:26 AM
    Ok, a rather quick angry rant. Have not done one of these in a while, so, well some things need to be said. 

      So, what an interesting buzz saw my country has backed itself into recently. Seems to be every time there is some sort of major political controversy that makes a certain party look bad, boom something happens to draw national attention away from it.  So what happened to the massive voter fraud allegations?   So, who did Epsteine point his finger at before he was made “not alive anymore”? Oh well. Here is the crap sandwich we have been handed. 

So, now we have to cope with it. 

Or at least  try to. 

So, we as gun owners are now back to where we were in 2012/13 after sandy hook or columbine, or the Lubys cafeteria shooting or the assassination attempt that wounded John Brady. 

We are again the enemies of popular opinion. 

Enemies because the newspaper/t.v./ social media told them that we were. 

  Who exactly is the originators of this hostile opinion of us? When I say “US” I refer to you, the readers of this blog. I can only assume you are a gun owner, firearms enthusiast. Or possibly anti” that is horrified at the mere existence of this page and of people like me. Yet reads this page and it’s minimal updates (yes, am sorry, and quite busy keeping this thing running. Let alone updating the blog) to keep tabs on whom you consider the “crazies”.  
         The origins of gun control and the gun control movement are quite old. Most gun control measures and laws were passed when emotions were running high. Take the first gun control laws were passed in the post civil war south. By, yep you can kind of guess who. To keep a recently freed minority from defending themselves. Before that, well any sort of “infringements” to our ability to own firepower were few and far between. He’ll there were privately owned warships in use that rivaled anything our small navy had! in fact  before the infamous Gun control act (NFA) act of 1928 machine guns and suppressors were an over the counter item at any hardware or gun store. In fact the GCA (gun control act) was passed at the heights of prohibition era violence. Gee, “we have to do something” was a thing even then. That legislation on emotion continues with the passing of the GCA of 1968. Riding the emotion of the Kennedy  assassination. Because “we have to do something”. 

See where this is going? 

The “evil looking features” ban. Gee thanks Ron for letting this one pass....

The importation of “non sporting weapons” ban.... thanks George 1.

All passed riding some emotional high of of a “tragedy”.

     So, here we are. A smarter people who have seen this song and dance before. And are no longer falling for it. So instead of backing off of the attack on what has made us the most powerful and free republic the world has known, they step up the attack. More emotion, more crying children, more “moms demand action” more celebrities with armed security telling you owning a gun is bad.... 

      And now we have have business stop selling “those evil guns and bullets”. Well, he’ll thank you Walmart and Dicks for helping the small retailers such as myself sell more ammo and “evil items”. You as a private entity can do whatever you wish. Not my stockholders you disappoint. 
   Good for you, hope your “virtue signaling” earns you carbon credits or karma points or whatever mythical currency you are going with. Because it sure will not earn you much money. And the sort of people that this act appeals to really do not shop there. So, enjoy that... 

    Well, I can rant for another hour or so. 

But, got a store to run and books to balance. Have to get ready for our pending move. 

Stay frosty, and do not fall for the crocodile tears. 

There are buckets of them 

Old troopers actual 


Categories: Rant

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Reply george
7:21 PM on December 20, 2019 
Amen brother
A very good read.
Thanks, and Merry Christmas to all !
Reply David
5:46 AM on January 2, 2020 
Reply David
5:46 AM on January 2, 2020 
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