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Old Trooper Gunsmiths LLC


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Very busy, but big things coming!

Posted on July 25, 2019 at 9:43 PM

      All right, the I pad is not the best to update this page, good to know. 

    Been a while, I know. But in addition to the many, many things I have to do to keep this place afloat, updating this one falls by the wayside. Besides answering emails, logging in forms, logging in transfers, actual gunsmithing, answering phones, maintaining a incredible hodgepodge of outdated equipment, because older stuff seems to work best. 

  There is this little gem. 

  Do not get me wrong, I love having a web sigh. 

  We also have its red-headed stepchild the Facebook pages. The Old trooper gunsmiths page, the old trooper surplus page and the “owner operator of oldtrooper gunsmiths” page. These get updated more frequently because, well simply it is much easier to do. 
  So if you like the angry content you may find it there. But even those suffer occasionally, again it is yet another thing that I, head gun crank have to do. Like I need one more dam thing to do. 
   We supposedly have  hired  a web design person to do the updates and a revamp. So, have not seen anything as of yet. And that was around the beginning of the year. Starting to think we are not going to see anything soon. 

   Please check the Facebook pages for the latest guns for sale. They should be up there quicker than they will be up here. We do have inventory, but it is constantly changing, and I try to keep it updated. But for the most part, it is just me down in the dungeon, stoking the coal, greasing the machine, and preforming another human sacrifice on my self to the altar of the company. 

   And if the phone system works, we will still be available. Even that has been challenging lately. Slight difficulty involving a short vacation, and the Atlantic Ocean, a rare (apparently) SIM card, and some compatibility issues. 

 At least gun show season dose not start up till September. Who knows, maybe by then we will be in our new location! 

 We can dream, can’t we? 

Now with “Mrs. Old troopers” shooting me an evil look for working long after we are officially closed, I need to close this up and get ready for tomorrow’s equally busy day. 

 And to all my callers: leave a message dammit! I usually return them! 

Old troopers actual (what is left of him) 


Categories: Rant

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