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Yes we are still here!

Posted on December 17, 2018 at 11:05 AM

I am sure some of you that actually follow this sight have been quite disappointed. I understand. 

We, or to be more exacting:I have fallen quite behind.  

For the most part I am the token monkey turning wrenches, deleting spam blog comments, intake, transfers, smithing, answering e mails, and trying to figure out what visa prints major malfunction is.  So, I am behind. Behind on smithing projects, behind updating the websight, hell, have not cleaned off my workbench since June! 

So, bear with us, we are bringing on some more people (hopefully, so far not pleased) to Handel web based things, because really this is sort of one of my least favorite things to do here. 

I can see it now: "but you update the Facebook page, why can't you do it here? Your just lazy" 

 Look, it is vastly easier to update a Facebook business page. I can do that on a phone! Take picture, wright blurb, post...  and really, sort of behind on that too. 

So bear with me, am a gunsmith, not a very good webmaster. 

And yes, the surplus page is up there too... 

Yeah, great. Another thing I have to maintain. But am trying my best here. 

Sorry to sound like I am complaining, but this is the first time in a long time I have sat Dow on this thing to pound out something that may or may not post....

Best wishes in the new year. Hope for changes here. 

We are long overdue!

Old troopers actual,


Categories: Rant

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