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So, you found a machine gun.....

Posted on December 7, 2017 at 2:00 PM

Yes, I have this (Insert cool/lame  machine gun here) I would like to sell it.

     Nice try ATF....

    But seriously, it dose happen. Grandpa (And sometimes grandma) was a bad ass at one time. And took home shootable "participation trophy's" from close combat in the war. Well they went on to built a home, family, country, Nation, ect. And the old souvenirs were locked away in a foot locker to be seldom heard from again. Maybe brought out ever so often on a veterans day or memorial day only to be carefully returned for another time. 
      These unfortunately were never paperworked or registered with the feds. Yes, hard to believe this but you were still able to register a machine gun all the way until April of 1986. Hard to imagine in today's rabid anti-gun culture. But no tax stamp or parerwork, you have a .45 or 9mm felony on your hands.
     Now do not go blaming your stoic veteran relative. Honestly it was a war souvenir to them. Never would have thought you needed to get the "Goberment" involved in their  bad memories. The thought of registration probably never crossed their minds. Or that anyone would EVER go to prison for a war trophy.
    Well the times have unfortunately changed. And our war heroes are passing by the hundreds a day. And an  unknowledgeable  public is cleaning out attics and footlockers. Finding Thompsons, stens, MP40's, STG44's and many different now illegal weapons.
     What to do....

   Well in many municipalities you would think of calling the police. And for the most part they will take the machine gun off your hands. Unfortunately many of them will be melted down as some damm fool show of ":keeping the streets safe" yeah, sure you are...  And most hope that they will not be in any trouble for even possessing the darn thing before turn over. But that is an option.

      Find a museum. It is a better option for old grand dads war trophy. But finding one that will take it may be the hard part.

     "Demill" the gun. Well that is a fancy way of saying "destroy" so can not fire. It can be done. but it is not pretty. Cutting and welding is involved.

     Bury it. Get rid of it. just make sure it will not fall into bad hands.

Do not attempt to sell the darn thing!! Unless the receiver is destroyed! You will be in possession and attempting to sell an unregistered (illegal) NFA item!

   By all means, no not take this rant as Gospel. Please do not listen to the "internet experts". Most of their advice will land you in jail. 

    For the best information look to the BATF&E's websight.

tread carefully.

Old troopers actual


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