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A few changes...

Posted on September 4, 2017 at 2:28 PM
             There comes a time when you just have to move on. No, am not leaving old troopers, far from it. this ATF mandated nightmare will very much continue with my disgruntled ass still at the helm. But now this is my full time gig again. My " normal", if it could ever be called that, job forced me into retirement. I was happy to go. I am not a fit there anymore. they moved on to some social bizarre experiment, I was still here going "when do I get to shoot things and break there stuff"?? So, as I was informed, it was time for me to go... 
        So, we will, well me for the most part will finally get to unbury myself from the mountain of shop work. Heck, I finally, finally{!} opened the window above the shop! So, that is what outside looks like?!?! And have been able to start on the long put off shop and grounds projects. We have finally updated the web sight. I know that was long overdue. And are getting a new web master that will make this look less... well.... like I did it with my mad Neanderthal computing skills, or therefore lack of.. Have finally gotten gravel in the parking area down. Been only putting that one off for a decade or so.. So, hopefully less mud for all. Have been able to clean and categorize some of the surplus. As well as attempt to patch the hole in the attic where most of the surplus is being stored.  
      So, if you ask me "how is retirement and all your extra time?  I will punch you... I have been meaning to do this update for the last month. And am just doing it NOW! Been more active now than when I worked for someone else! So, will get to it..... eventually.

     No, our hours will not be changing for a bit. Most of that is to take care of that extensive backlog, And the incredible project list I have had for quite some time. Still have a 69 lotis and a 52 dodge M37 have to get moving. The dodge is mine, the lotis is "Mrs. Old troopers". Infernal British cars.. As well as an addition to a barn that is not even mine to house some other projects.. So, maybe around the holiday season (After the important one of Halloween) the hours may change. But until then, same hours. 

     We will be offering more classes and courses. One CCW class a month. And we will have a "Introduction to combat rifle" course. As well as a few "AR only" and "AK only" classes. As well as an advanced rifle class. 

   our you tube channel looks like it may actually happen. In pre production now.

 So, yes forgive me if I am in a bad mood. My tail has been on fire for the last few weeks and it dose not look like it will be put out any time soon.
Please be patient

old troopers actual


Categories: Rant

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