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The 9mm Luger: hero or villain

Posted on June 2, 2017 at 4:44 AM
                       Nothing seems to divide the gun world better than the 9mm vs .45 or whatever caliber debate. I have seen rooms full of "civilized" people devolve to a prison yard sounding verbal brawl over this issue. 

   I am not feeding into it today.  As most of you know I often carry a .45 1911 in the shop. Occasionally I may carry something..... interesting. There are few calibers I would not carry. Only ones I avoid are the "tiny" calibers, although I have carried a Colt 1903 in .32 on a very rare occasion and the "transsexual"  cal. The .40 S&W.  

   First let us  back up a bit. The 9x19, 9mm Luger, 9mm parabellium, 9mm NATO. All the same round. Don not let the kid behind the counter tell you differently!  This popular round started off as the 7.5 bochart round. This round was a necked cartridge for the new auto pistol. The round itself was ok, despite its fragility of the design of the firearm.  But this was the early days of the semi auto, with the notable exception of the C96 "broom handle". The German army liked the Bochart, but can not leave well enough. Alone: . Tinkered. The end result was the legendary P08 para. Chambered for the 7.65 bochart. The round was a ... a ... not bad round. But it did have rather poor  ballistics. So the engineers took the bottlenecked round and straightened it.  So, the 9mm Luger was born.  

  Now we here in North America   view the 9mm as small and anemic. And the .45 as a "man stopper." But in Europe, a place where most of the cops carried .32 and . 380'(aka 9mm browning short) until recently when the UPGRADED to 9mm para. But by euro standards the 9mm Luger is a big round for military use. Therefore "barbaric" to use on the civilian population. Go figure.  

      So, here is where the fights start. What is better? Capacity, or bullet size? Fast, high penetration, or slow and smashing ? 15 rounds or 7? Much argument over this s issue. I will refrain from it. And, dear reader leave it up to you to decide. 

Is the small fast round the wave of the future? Or a slow passing fad? 

Old troopers actual,


Categories: Rant

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