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Bro, do you even hunt?

Posted on December 29, 2016 at 5:34 AM
        Ever so often I get asked by a coustomer digging through our small sales rack if I use such and such for deer, duck, elk ect...  And yes, I, at the risk of getting my "man card" pulled I will admit I do not hunt.

        I used to. Will admit I was not very good at it. A few times out for small game. Onece was the weekend before deer season opener on state land. Yeah, never do that... so many out rigging their blinds, stands ect.. creating more noise than a battalion of Volkstrum on the move.  One squirrel, one friggin squirrel after 12 hours in the field...  Once for blackpowder season with my replica 1853 enfield. Yeah, clean the bore butter out of the nipple before hunting... lessen learned there...
      Birds? No.. have a beautiful N.R. Davis side by side that is a gorgeous looking bird gun in form and function. Was a gift from "Mrs. Old troopers" that was to be cut down into an "Army of darkness "broomstick"" but never had the balls to cut into the gorgeous barrels. So it stays in its 32 inch barrels. Shredded a few phone books with it, shattered a few clays, but never took it to the field. All my other shotguns are either 1887, 1897 winchesters (short barreled or 16ga)  or other styles of...... anti personal types.  Not many game type guns. I mean I could use them if needed to, but for the most part they run light game loads for target or "AP" (anti personal) use.  Just never felt the need to hunt my dinner. 
       Ok, so I have you all wondering:"what sort of gunsmith/gun nut dose not hunt" and the enevitable "Why"?  Well, there is a few semi-good reasons
    One: I know how the deer feel. Spend a few months in a war zone as a "pop up target" and seldom seeing the shooters. Yet always hearing the bullets wiz by. Nope, sorry... Bambi gets one shot from a rifle and one only..  here in "straight wall" rifle or shotgun territory less of a chance of getting that perfect shot. However there is a nice trapdoor Springfield carbine that qualifies! 
    Two: you kill it,you butcher it. Well, as my lovely wife will tell you my knife skills are not the best. Compared to her, my cuts are like a blind mans.. And really, would hate to fumble through the butchery of the hard won game animal. Or, forbid, make her do it. Then there is explaining what the hell I think I am doing to the kids and why there is a dead animal in the garage next to the jeep.. And really, can not have someone else do that for me... not part of the ritual. 
    Three: this is where all of my hunter clients come in. I have all of you! Quite a few of my clientsho fish have given us fish fillet's as payment for a transfer or repair. We like that.  We will fix your mossburg that took a tumble from the tree stand. Or clear that LIVE ROUND from your inline abortion of a muzzle loader. We will do that. And are more than happy to take some of your kill as payment. Works out well for us. And it keeps me from making a fool out of myself falling asleep in a blind or stand and having a deer eat my lunch.. I have a hard enough time negotiating with the over grown shop cats. 

    So, yeah. I do not hunt. But will fix your tools of the trade. Will recomend rifle ammo and some shotgun ammo that I have knolage of. But what works "best"....... Yeah, sorry, do not know. 

    And yes, I am vaguely aware that this is the END of the hunting season... 

   Just do not ask us any bow questions, we do not have a clue! 

     On a side note. We have some nice projects in the works that will hope to have hit the sales rack soon. A few shotguns, some swords on the sales rack. Heck almost have my blunderbuss built. But actually got the shop cleaned up. Than was promptly cluttered up with a broken coffee table and now orange "cheeto" powder everywhere! Yeah, not cool.....  but the holiday madness has died down. The guns waiting for pickup are either unnamed items (gee thanks shipper's) or they (the clients) want to stick my tiny shop with long term storage of their item.. my hours are not that bad are they? We really do not own a lot of counter space! 

  Until the next, 

Old troopers actual


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