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The "sideways gun"

Posted on October 1, 2016 at 5:33 AM
              There comes a time in all of our lives where some things just plain go , well sideways. Everything that could go wrong did. We have all been there at one hopefully minor level or another. Heck just had to junk a car from what started as a tire issue... So, yeah.. Things went well.... Sideways...  

     And in today's world of mass idiotic protesters under what most of the times sounds like purely false or BS reasons. And these are filled with people who just want to cause trouble it looks like. I really hope this is not a sigh of things to come! But there are a lot of young, impressionable people that seem very passionate about their causes. Well, it is good to have passion, but not to the point your burning police cars. 
    So this is the world we have found ourselves into. Mass groups of humanity that block traffic as a form of "protest". Mass groups that seem to be a breath away from "call in the national guard" riot levels.  
       So, when the world seems close to skidding sideways, what is the rational person to do? 

       Be prepared! 

       There are a lot of people who are investing in smaller rifle caliber pistols, or sub gun sized pistols. Any high capacity large sized, easily storable firearm that will get you home when things go "sideways". 
         The requirements: something that fits into a non gun looking case. The old stand by of a instrument case is good. Racket cases, book bags and pool cue cases are becoming Increacindgly popular.  Nothing that screams "I have a gun"!  Yes, avoid covering it with "bravo company" stickers or morale patches...
     Second: it has to be reliable! I know you all love those AR pistols, but how well dose it run? You are betting your life on it after all. And it will take some abuse. So, you may not want to put that ACOG on it. Or with those flip up sights.... Test your firearm. Tune it, make it reliable! 
      Third: should be basic. Gizmos break. Batteries die accessories add weight with little benefit (mostly). Plain is better, you can tacticool it when you get home. But until then, it stays in the bag....
       Fourth: it should look impressive. Think of this as the one up from your everyday carry pistol. This is something that WILL GET YOU HOME regardless of what happens. Yet not be a full sized battle rifle. So, to make up for its lack of size you need it to look deadly. Yes, even the hi-point carbine can be made to look "mission capable" however refer to rule 3. 
       Five: do not forget about it. Clean it, keep it oiled. Check the ammo. 

Examples: cost should not be a reason to not be prepared. Sideways guns can cost as little as $100 or less to several thousand dollars (why???) . They can be as cheap and basic as a 18.5 barreled single barreled shotgun. Simple, reliable, basic and cheap! Throw one of these and a box of game loads into your trunk, and you are good to go.  Moving up from the break barrel are the pistol caliber carbines or the "mutant pistols" class. Our personal one is the 9mm semi auto only pistol version of the ww2 PPSH43 sub machine gun. That oversized pistol and 4 mags fits into a old spare barrel bag.  But there are others like the previously mentioned hi-point carbine, Baretta Storm, Mastrerpeice arms or mac style pistols. Not as much substance as a rifle, but more robust than a pistol.  Then there are the "pistol rifles". Most of these are stock less and short barreled versions of the full size rifles. These can be quite effective in most situations. However a lot of them are less than reliable. The AK pistols seem to be the cheapest and are running with almost am reliability. There are many, many ar-15 style pistols out there. There would be no shortage of ammo and mags if you choose one of these. Just make sure they run before you bet your life on them. They do have a history of less than Rely ability . There are also lever action pistols in pistol calibers that are quite nice and may relieve your inner "zombie hunter" (zombie land reference) And if you have deep pockets here are G3 and Fal pistols in the massive 7.62 NATO cal. 

      Ammo: we recommend a choice in a common caliber. Just in case you are out much longer than you intended or wanted to be. Yes .300 blackout may be nice, but where are you going to find more ammo? 12ga is everywhere. As is 9mm. .40 used to be common as with .45.  But find a good stash of ammo, about 100 rounds should do you. Keep it cool and dry. Maybe seal in plastic bags if needed. 

        Portability: I know, you are already putting it together in your head: G3, 500 rounds of ammo, all on mags...... As portable as a footlocker and weighs as much! Remember, something portable that can be grabbed quickly from a disabled or stuck vehicle. And NOT OBVIOUS!! Just enough to get you home in your Individual situation.  

LEGAL consumes: your state may have off laws regarding the cartage of pistols in a motor vehicle and what constitutes "loaded". If ammo is kept Sepretaly it may avoid some legality, but would be less portable. Where is it going to be in your vehicle? Is it subject to your states ccw laws? Do you have a permit? Do you need a permit? These are all local considerations when selecting a "sideways gun". 

   We hope this quick primer helps. 

     Old troopers actual,


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Reply Tim
3:09 AM on October 2, 2016 
Bah, you Yankee Capitalist Pig Dog! Socialist wonder weapon designed by our proletariat Father Mikhail will never fail us our external struggle against fascism. Besides, I already told you, the spirit of Tito will rise up from Hell to guide our bullets.
Reply densabr
11:20 PM on January 30, 2022