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Mystery solved!

Posted on October 5, 2015 at 11:49 AM
    After a few years of sort of half assed searching, we finally found it! The proper caliber and designation of our "mystery mauser"! If it was our rifle and not a consignment piece, we would have done this a very long time ago. But since it was a consignment gun, and the consinghner did not care terribly, so, it sat.. Ever so often throwing a random ctg. onto the chamber to see the size.. Even tried a 7mm mauser. Yet we found the 7mm we tried was an out of spec. reload (yes we find that out now!)
    Turns out this darn thing was an interesting story. Was a Spanish army issue rifle. Of the 1896 pattern (cock on closing), issued and used before the Spanish civil war. Than at some time was captured or seized by the republicans (the communists, and those wanting a republic instead of a dictatorship) in their fight against the fascists (those wanting a dictatorship, and alining with the nazis/ Franco)  The rifles were all refinished and had all of the royal markings obliterated. The only markings were the serial numbers on the stock, barrel and receiver.
    Unfortunately the war ended for them before these were issued out. The victors (the fashists) were not inclined to use these "defaced" rifles when better ones were available. They did just fight a civil war after all. Spain was a testing ground for most of the equipment that would go into WW2.
     So, they sat....

     Until sold during the surplus boom of the 1980's 

     Without documentation, and without an importers stamp.. Guess this one was still in the armory paper.. 

     So, the mystery. No national markings, no importer stamp, no box.. Nothing to tell me who this gun belonged to, and a clean, but shot into bore... And not enough incentive to do a chamber casting..
      Odd things one finds when is board at a gunshow and already looking up mausers in the appraisal guide..  This rifle was an "also noted" foot note in Spanish mausers at the bottom of the "military" book... 

    An interesting tale if only it could talk.. 

      Old troopers actual...


Categories: Under valued firearms in history

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