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My little helpers: Or the reason why I have gray hair and drink..

Posted on September 5, 2013 at 12:40 PM
        Well, not involved in someone else civil war yet.. Yet... No one helped us with ours, why should we help someone else with theirs? Will send an update from Damascus around Christmas..

        Anyways, to the rant at hand..

      Some people think I am a monster and extremely dangerous for having firearms within a mile of and child under 25, yep according to the gov't and the handgun control inc wackjobs that is the "new" age of a child.. But those of you that have come into the shop know darn well I have two wonderful boys... Who are the bane of any form of productivity....  So if your new guns box has traces of crayola or chalk I did not do it.. 
       We started off early with our boys, telling them right from wrong and that the guns are not toys. Over, and Over again. They understand that those heavy guns are not toys and we will learn to shoot them some day, but we have to get bigger..  And so far that has worked. None of Dads, Moms, or any clients guns are never played with and trust us we are always watching. Mom and Dad are worse than the NSA when it comes to that. 
     Maybe that is where a lot of people go wrong. They do one of two things: Demonize firearms. Heard it before: guns are bad, only bad people have guns.... Wow, that is some faulty logic there. So every cop and soldier are now "bad people", gee thanks. Whenever something goes wrong you call the "bad people" with those "demon guns". Dose not make sense to me either. Chances are if your reading this, probably not to you either.. Or Guns are dangerous: don't touch them.. Ok, this little gem of faulty logic is a prime example of someone forgetting what it was like to be a kid. Your parents make something out to be dangerous, evil, or "bad", what is the first thing you do when they are gone? Yep: investigate the mystery!  And if they have no clue how they work that is when "accidents" happen.. 
      So, as a father as well as a firearms instructor: Please, Please: Talk to your kids. The gun is not evil, it is a tool. No more, no less. The gun dose not do evil, it is an object. It dose what the person holding it makes it do. PERIOD. Teach them early how they work, take the mystery out of them. Promise to take them to the range when they are older and ready. Actually take them.. When you take them will vary per child.
     You may want to read the last chapter of the book CONTROL  (yes from the Glen Beck people at Mercury) before considering if they are ready. It is a great book that debunks all of those pesky gun control myths. So when your "red friends" start spouting off facts that were from the Mayors Against Illegal Guns or reichfurere's bloomburgs campaign. you will know how they got their "facts" and the rest of the story on why their facts are not even close to the truth..  But the last chapter has to do with conditioning and training killers. The police and military dose it, and how we are inadvertently doing it in the form of "entertainment"...
        But the gray hair drinking part... I have helpers... The older boy is not as bad. But the young one wants to help.. Many, many misplaced screwdrivers and tools. Fortunately not a lot of misplaced parts. Am rather fortunate on that. This is the kid that watched me put together an ar15 and proceed to take it apart once I move onto the next component... 
   Today it was a tumbler.. This is one of the high end monsters made in Germany from the good folks at dyllion precision. Great tumbler, till it got wet.. and the motor was plugged with river mud... Yeah, not pleased. was disassembled a year ago. been to 3 different people who all claimed "would be easy". Now it lays on my bench... "to easy" must be code for "imposable" and "throw some extra parts from something else into the bag and remove a few of the original parts... So I have a giant pile of nuts, boots and screws, 4 nutdrivers, and two hex head screwdrivers.. And one pint-sized helper who is using all of them... 
      For those of you with shops and small boys probably know how this went.....

Screaming: check

Parts in places unexpected: Check

Screwdrivers shoved in places they are not supposed to be: Check

Missing parts: Possibly

Time taken: Double or more:Check

Is it done: Well it is running, lets hope it dose not come apart... Been an hour, so, may be good...

   Old trooper actual:


 Gin And Tonic? Sure why not...

Categories: Rant

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