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You can’t please everyone.

Posted on November 5, 2014 at 3:07 PM Comments comments (198)

First off I need to apologize to the person who ended up with me yelling at your voice mail for almost 2 minutes. I could have handled the situation better and there are many things I should not have said. Now with that out of the way...  

We recently had a client that was unhappy with his AR purchase. The firearm in question was one assembled by Bruce but it was not completely built by him. For those of you that are confused by that let me clarify. The lower of this particular AR was built by Bruce and was working as it should. The upper was a completed by the factory and the only addition was the bolt which was another factory part.  So he assembled it but didn’t build it. Bruce sold the brand new, never been fired, firearm. Few weeks later changed out the uppers for him because it was not working the way that he found to be acceptable. A few weeks after that Bruce gets a text message saying the AR doesn’t work and he wants to return it for a full refund. A TEXT MESSAGE!!!! Then a video showing the gun not working right.  After much arguing between Bruce and I, because I didn’t want to take it back and he would have caved and gave him a full refund. We offered a little less then the purchase price figuring he would argue and we actually would come up but he didn’t.  The client shows up with his friend brings the gun takes the money and check from me. I apologize that he has had so many problems and that it didn’t work out. Friend asks if he gets a receipt. I look at him and ask “do you want a receipt” “no it is ok” says the client and they leave.

Less the 10 minutes later we get yet any other TEXT MESSAGE from someone else telling us they will be coming back for a receipt, how we are not a reputable business and how we should give a full refund if we are just going to fix the gun and resale it. He will not be giving us any more referrals or say anything respectful about our company.  After seeing that message I immediately call the number that sent it, which is the reason for the apology at the start of this.  They never came back for a receipt or called back to discuss the issue further.    

Yes we are a very small operation that we currently run out of our house and do are best to make sure our clients are happy, but you can not please everyone. We guarantee any work that Bruce does and if someone is truly unhappy with it we will refund them which we have done in the past. That applies to work that we have done. It doesn’t apply to work that other people or companies have done.  If the client would have just called up and talked to Bruce instead of just sending a bunch of angry text messages things would have been resolved differently.  Bring in the gun, we will take it to the range see what is wrong with it ourselves. (which we actually did yesterday and yes there are some serious issues with the upper.) Bruce would have fixed it for free because we want to make people happy, but when it starts off with angry text messages we tend to be a little less nice.  

I’m just so tired of people expecting Bruce to always be there when they want something. Calling at all hours of the day and not leaving a message. So tired of people expecting to have the convenience of just texting a request or question then getting pissed that we don’t run things like a "real" retail outlet.  How many other businesses can you just text and get a response???

One of the things that this incident has made us realize is I am not as nice as Bruce is and a lot less afraid of confrontation.  From now on I will be handling all costumer complaints.  We are a reputable business and will no longer be handling conflicts over text message.  We are also going to have a very clear refund policy written up and posted in the shop.