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The 9mm Luger: hero or villain

Posted on June 2, 2017 at 4:44 AM Comments comments (105)
                       Nothing seems to divide the gun world better than the 9mm vs .45 or whatever caliber debate. I have seen rooms full of "civilized" people devolve to a prison yard sounding verbal brawl over this issue. 

   I am not feeding into it today.  As most of you know I often carry a .45 1911 in the shop. Occasionally I may carry something..... interesting. There are few calibers I would not carry. Only ones I avoid are the "tiny" calibers, although I have carried a Colt 1903 in .32 on a very rare occasion and the "transsexual"  cal. The .40 S&W.  

   First let us  back up a bit. The 9x19, 9mm Luger, 9mm parabellium, 9mm NATO. All the same round. Don not let the kid behind the counter tell you differently!  This popular round started off as the 7.5 bochart round. This round was a necked cartridge for the new auto pistol. The round itself was ok, despite its fragility of the design of the firearm.  But this was the early days of the semi auto, with the notable exception of the C96 "broom handle". The German army liked the Bochart, but can not leave well enough. Alone: . Tinkered. The end result was the legendary P08 para. Chambered for the 7.65 bochart. The round was a ... a ... not bad round. But it did have rather poor  ballistics. So the engineers took the bottlenecked round and straightened it.  So, the 9mm Luger was born.  

  Now we here in North America   view the 9mm as small and anemic. And the .45 as a "man stopper." But in Europe, a place where most of the cops carried .32 and . 380'(aka 9mm browning short) until recently when the UPGRADED to 9mm para. But by euro standards the 9mm Luger is a big round for military use. Therefore "barbaric" to use on the civilian population. Go figure.  

      So, here is where the fights start. What is better? Capacity, or bullet size? Fast, high penetration, or slow and smashing ? 15 rounds or 7? Much argument over this s issue. I will refrain from it. And, dear reader leave it up to you to decide. 

Is the small fast round the wave of the future? Or a slow passing fad? 

Old troopers actual,



Posted on March 11, 2017 at 6:33 AM Comments comments (111)
               Has it been three years already? 

     Feels like I just got accosted by the last agent that mad my last renew as difficult as possible. How times flys. Only had one compliance inspection in those few years, so, suppose can not complain. 
     So, for those of my clients that have our FFL you will need to get a copy of the new license due to the current one expiring on April 1st. As for the wholesalers, most of them should have a copy of the new one already, but I may have missed a few. So, if we have please let us know. 

     We  will hopefully have a Ohio/ Michigan CCW\CPL course on the 28th of march. The location of classroom  has yet to be determined. Cost will include the outdoor range. We are attempting to do as much on an outdoor range as we can. This way we can give our students a level of tactical training that we can not offer on an indoor range. And it is a lot more fun! The firearm or ammo (100 rounds required) not provided, but are available for rent.  If brining a gun (please) ensure it is at least a Six (6) shot firearm with a reload (spare mag). There is a lot of reloading involved.  And of course, there is the post class open shoot. The class room (6ish hours) will be on the Saturday and the range will be on the Sunday. Or at another time if the class so desires. 

I know, not a very interesting update...

Will make up for it next time.

Old troopers actual,


New administration, new service pistol.

Posted on January 27, 2017 at 11:57 PM Comments comments (94)
     As I am sure a few of you know that the us army (big green) has chosen a new service pistol. The announcement was made at shot show in vegas last week. 
     We here at old troopers are sort of spectical. Remember the "sure thing" of the XM8 rifle? What ever happened with that. So we bide our time. Who knows, I would love to see a crop of surplus minorly beaten about M9 (Baretta mod92fs) being released onto the CMP or the open surplus market.  With inflation, and what the 1911's went for in the last service pistol sell off went for, thinking they will be in the $250-$400 range. Depending on.... well..... how the lowest common denominator left them in.
     Think about that.  Think of the dumbest person you know. Put them under stress, constantly. Give them a chunk of metal they have to drag everywhere attached to themselves. In a sandy, hot environment. Near their unwashed body..  

   So, that will be the $250 range pistols....

   Get the idea. 

   That is also why the CMP 1911's are going to be going for as much as they are.. they are pistols retained to build match pistols. So, not crap...

     The replacement. The sig Sauer (American sigs: New hamshire) p320. Not a bad gun. Was sold to the army at an offer price of $300 a unit. Do not quote me on this, but that should be pistol, manual and 3 mags.  Not a bad price. About what big green was paying per Baretta. However all you "Sig-O-Philes" this is a very "un sig" pattern pistol. Most of us know sig for being an "old school" maker. Steel frames and hammer fired. Big, heavy, well built old school guns. The 320, well... not so much. This is a poly framed, striker fired pistol. This was also supposed to be the "modular system" so, interchangeable back straps, frames, slides, barrels.  I really do not see that working out. Again, lowest common denominator. Do not give pvt. Snuffy a choice and extra parts for his sidearm. The more he (or she) tinkers, the more often it is to be broken!  So, let's see ow this all plays out shall we? 

    In other news, this changing of the guard may also facilitate the release of the infamous "Korean M1 stash". These poor rifles have been languishing in storage since they were suddenly prohibited from importation in 2013. These were supposed to go to the open market. So if century arms gets them: in the $400 plus range. If say Cabellas/bass pro gets them expect $900plus. God only knows what the carbines will go for. If they will be imported at all. Rumors have it that there may be some 1911's coming in as well.  

 Who knows, maybe some of the really asinine rulings of the last 10 years will start to change... can dream can I not? 

Until next time, 

Old troopers actual, 


Bro, do you even hunt?

Posted on December 29, 2016 at 5:34 AM Comments comments (120)
        Ever so often I get asked by a coustomer digging through our small sales rack if I use such and such for deer, duck, elk ect...  And yes, I, at the risk of getting my "man card" pulled I will admit I do not hunt.

        I used to. Will admit I was not very good at it. A few times out for small game. Onece was the weekend before deer season opener on state land. Yeah, never do that... so many out rigging their blinds, stands ect.. creating more noise than a battalion of Volkstrum on the move.  One squirrel, one friggin squirrel after 12 hours in the field...  Once for blackpowder season with my replica 1853 enfield. Yeah, clean the bore butter out of the nipple before hunting... lessen learned there...
      Birds? No.. have a beautiful N.R. Davis side by side that is a gorgeous looking bird gun in form and function. Was a gift from "Mrs. Old troopers" that was to be cut down into an "Army of darkness "broomstick"" but never had the balls to cut into the gorgeous barrels. So it stays in its 32 inch barrels. Shredded a few phone books with it, shattered a few clays, but never took it to the field. All my other shotguns are either 1887, 1897 winchesters (short barreled or 16ga)  or other styles of...... anti personal types.  Not many game type guns. I mean I could use them if needed to, but for the most part they run light game loads for target or "AP" (anti personal) use.  Just never felt the need to hunt my dinner. 
       Ok, so I have you all wondering:"what sort of gunsmith/gun nut dose not hunt" and the enevitable "Why"?  Well, there is a few semi-good reasons
    One: I know how the deer feel. Spend a few months in a war zone as a "pop up target" and seldom seeing the shooters. Yet always hearing the bullets wiz by. Nope, sorry... Bambi gets one shot from a rifle and one only..  here in "straight wall" rifle or shotgun territory less of a chance of getting that perfect shot. However there is a nice trapdoor Springfield carbine that qualifies! 
    Two: you kill it,you butcher it. Well, as my lovely wife will tell you my knife skills are not the best. Compared to her, my cuts are like a blind mans.. And really, would hate to fumble through the butchery of the hard won game animal. Or, forbid, make her do it. Then there is explaining what the hell I think I am doing to the kids and why there is a dead animal in the garage next to the jeep.. And really, can not have someone else do that for me... not part of the ritual. 
    Three: this is where all of my hunter clients come in. I have all of you! Quite a few of my clientsho fish have given us fish fillet's as payment for a transfer or repair. We like that.  We will fix your mossburg that took a tumble from the tree stand. Or clear that LIVE ROUND from your inline abortion of a muzzle loader. We will do that. And are more than happy to take some of your kill as payment. Works out well for us. And it keeps me from making a fool out of myself falling asleep in a blind or stand and having a deer eat my lunch.. I have a hard enough time negotiating with the over grown shop cats. 

    So, yeah. I do not hunt. But will fix your tools of the trade. Will recomend rifle ammo and some shotgun ammo that I have knolage of. But what works "best"....... Yeah, sorry, do not know. 

    And yes, I am vaguely aware that this is the END of the hunting season... 

   Just do not ask us any bow questions, we do not have a clue! 

     On a side note. We have some nice projects in the works that will hope to have hit the sales rack soon. A few shotguns, some swords on the sales rack. Heck almost have my blunderbuss built. But actually got the shop cleaned up. Than was promptly cluttered up with a broken coffee table and now orange "cheeto" powder everywhere! Yeah, not cool.....  but the holiday madness has died down. The guns waiting for pickup are either unnamed items (gee thanks shipper's) or they (the clients) want to stick my tiny shop with long term storage of their item.. my hours are not that bad are they? We really do not own a lot of counter space! 

  Until the next, 

Old troopers actual


Yes I have been lazy. But.....

Posted on November 30, 2016 at 5:27 AM Comments comments (200)
           Well we survived the election. That was an interesting ride. Had an election, had to listen to a lot of very uninformed people on both sides. Almost left Facebook because of it. But have all of us thought that? Or have we? 
      Made it through that, took down our "potential refugee" housing. Repacked a lot of the surpluss items. Threw away a lot of rubber boots and very stinky chem suits.Had a gun show. Sold a whopping two guns.  Bought another 6. Yeah, not good. Shop still looks like a bomb hit it. But at least I know where everything is..... mostly.... that troublesome S&W semi auto conversion still sits on the bench... yeah, that has been a stone around my neck.. ugg. 
      And then there was the most recent holiday.. so, yeah a little busy. 

Maybe things will get back to normal. Just now finally put price tags on any of the items that came in over the last few weeks.  Heck, just now updating the darn websight! 

     On a side note, I was reminded on why I do not go onto Century arms web sight. Another place in addition to cabellas, and the hardwear store That I can not go to unaccompanied.. need the accountant to tell me "NO". But we have a lever shotgun and an 870 project coming along with a few retractable batons and swords. Yep, stabEh/slashey things. Just what you need to fill the Christmas stocking? 
Well, will have stuff for the store I suppose. Little bit by little bit. 

  Heck, I still feel like Halloween and the election just ended... wait, it is almost December? Ah, heck....

I am really glad we all made it this far! 

End of ramble..

Old troopers actual,


The dark history of some guns.......

Posted on October 28, 2016 at 6:34 AM Comments comments (162)
            There are some things that collectors will get and just wonder "I wish you could talk". Firearms are no exception. 
      We have quite the company collection of older guns. Things from the 1790's all the way up to some newer police trade pistols with some "scars". They all have a story. With guns, especially millitary ones they have date stamps, proof marks, regimental markings, ect. But that may tell you where it went. Or when it was made. But not the story behind it. 
        This seems to be the problem with how history is thought in the modern age. It is all about dates, names and times. But that is what you can get off a SN# or a proof mark. But, now be honest here: what did you learn from memorizing enough dates and names to pass a test? Most of us retained NOTHING! But, you tell the story behind the event. Tell WHY something happened, and what was learned from it. That, that is where you learn something productive! 
        I got into firearms as an extension to history for me. A long, long time ago I was a voulenteer at a local historical fort, spent many, many hours in research. But was fascinated by the "why" behind most of the events of the era. Why the army had more muskets than rifles, why cannon were gauged the way they were. Ect...  led to WHY the battles were fought the way they were..  I thought it was fascinating at least. Although a lot of my fellow reenactors were of the "I Dunn get to shoot shit" variety. I wanted to know WHY. 
      So fast foreword over 20 yrs. have a large collection of historical arms. All of them will tell you their story. 

     Only if you know where to look. 

      Every weapon that was issued to a soldier who has to bet his life on it has left an impression on his tool of choice. From the earliest  matchlocks with scortchmarks from the over worked musketeer letting his match burn low to the final twists of match wrapped around the wooden stock, because he was to busy applying the bayonet or had become a casualty already.  To the repaired crack when it was picked up off the battlefield to be reissued. 
     Or to the M4 carbine (I know, not like you will ever see one of these received for civil sales)  with the anodizing worn clean off one section of the lower receiver from being constantly worn against a bit of gear that would rub as the soldier moved. Scars  and down the handguards and stock due to receiving heavy, brutal use. Extensive Brass knicks in the brass deflecter from heavy use. Down to the tape residue near the mag well from being taped off due to not having a mag in place, but crud still not wanted in the needed rifle. 

        Stocks can be cleaned, metal  refinished. But some wear will never leave.  My first M1 had a curious bow shaped scar in the foreword handguard. Took me some time to realize that was a soldier's last impression. It was a dent from the guys THUMBNAIL! It is about 1/8 deep. There were much shallower depressions on the other side from the other four nails. Whatever happened to this guy, it was not good. Have a Hungarian army issued  hi-power clone that had the most significant holster wear I have ever seen. No finish and a lot of scratches in one 3 inch area of the slide. Thinking a tanker in a worn out hip holster.  My first 1911 was an Argentine copy. Police issue.... a lot of parts from other pistols went into that rattle trap to keep it running... It had knotches carved under the grips... yeah, sort of creepy there... A "Chang-ci-sheck" type 24 Mauser that cam to us with bad pitting along the wood line and gray mud under the barrel. And a €£#^}< load of yack grease ot whatever the early reds used before cosmoline.  Hell, we have even had a French 1842 rifle musket that was loaded when we received it. With military ball cartrage no less! Must have been loaded for at least 100 years or so. Fortunately, just one round was down. Unlike most battlefield recovered muskets that would have one to six, yes six rounds down! 
     But do not think that only millitary guns have history. I have a worn Winchester 1897 shotgun that was a prison guard gun. Shortened stock, but with the full field barrel with extensive wear near the muzzle from being in and out of a scabbard or wall rack constantly. My old duty pistol, a retired MSP Walther P99 qa. Had some holster wear, but the barrel was completely shot out. Still had the "law use only" marked mag. Than there is the guns that were on the other side of the law. A Toledo built Union firearms company 16ga side by side that had the triggers worked in a way that both barrels would always go off at one pull. Looks like some rum runners last resort gun....

      See... story's that will tell you of a great history. But only if you know where to look. 

Old troopers actual, wishing you another year without seeing Roland behind you. 


Out of the AR buisness.

Posted on August 20, 2016 at 10:56 AM Comments comments (160)
             Due to recent events and the changing of many ATF ruling regarding on what is now "manufacturing" and what was "gunsmithing". And on the definition of what constitutes a "rifle" and what is an "other",  we have elected to discontinue offering "built" rifles to to our customers. 
     So, if one wants an AR platform gun, the coustomer would have to purchase the lower first.  Than it becomes a "gunsmithing"  issue rather than a manufacturing issue. Unfortunately for you out of state residents we can no longer sell you an ar receiver due to it now being (regardless of what is attached to it) an "other" and is transferred like a pistol. 
      There is a lot of confusion on this issue at all levels (the ATF even contradicts itself on quite a few occasions) we just want little part of it. 

Sorry for the I convenence. 

Old troopers actual,


Geek royalty and a bit of a backlog

Posted on August 2, 2016 at 4:43 AM Comments comments (151)
         There comes a time when one must confess. 

      Yes  I, can probably speak for the company, we are geeks... For those of you that have actually visited the shop have hopefully cought on to that. The Dl36 blaster, the superhero suits, Legos, Legos, the "authorized blaster and lightsaber repair center" sighin. You know little things like that. 
     But it had come to Me And "Mrs. Old troopers" that we have achieved that fabled "next level". Now neither one of us were that popular in school. Heck we tried to blend in so as not to be targets for the "popular kids". So our social circles were rather small. We accepted that, moved on pushing  middle/ high school back on not our minds like some sort of distant trauma. And frankly moved on. 
      Well there lies the repressed inner geek... The theater neard that went to the treck conventions. Who buried somewhere DEEP there is a DS9 jumpsuit. Somewhere back behind my retired war of 1812 gear... Yes, WAAAAAYHYYYYYY back..... But it is still there...  
        So, it started with our (Mrs. Old troopers) first theme party. "That 60's party" if I recall correctly. I came as a kent state guardsman, she was rocking a beehive and a mod dress... Civil deffence water Barrels of rolling rock and buckeye beer.. Costume was required.. 
      Little did we know, that almost 10 yrs later the seed was planted... A pirate party, a steven king theme party, a si-FI party, ect... And of course, the now epic Halloween parties.  
     And our most recent incarnation. Summerween!  See, with the birth of the "little shop helpers/hinder ers" the epic parties had taken a downturn. You know, life gets in the way. But they are old enough now that they can participate. And with a cue from our favorite cartoon "gravity falls" (yes, it is from a Disney cartoon, sue me...) thus came ... Halloween in mid summer. If you can have Christmas in July, we can have Halloween in the summer too!  And of course, costume is required. 
     This year was perhaps the most elaborate. Took the bar outside. Outside under the cammo netting. The fires were lit. The jack'o melons were carved and placed. The DJ was tuned up. And the GP medium tent was thrown up over the driveway! 
     This years theme: freak Show! So, the big top was oddly appropriate!  We had the bearded lady, two tattooed lady's, tri-breasted woman, three legged woman, lobster man, and some rather terrifying clowns! And me... Your bartender/ master of ceremonies Grunkle Stan...

       And you know, it never occurs to you till long after the half finished drinks are poured out and the last of the cigar buts are swept up that : we had a lot of people here.... These people really enjoyed themselves... They are going to keep coming back... Lots of stories were passed from our guests that they wish they could have had parties like this. It makes you wonder: why? No one else puts on elaborate parties anymore... None with a theme, catered  and a full bar and DJ.... 

So, that leaves us....

 The two geeks putting this thing on. Putting together all of our loyal geek friends that we could have never done this without... Especially our faithful table Oger/ DJ/ residence "auckward costume" wearer:Frank.  If we did not do it, no one will. . No one thinks about how the nerds/ freaks/ and geeks party. It looks like we found out how. It took us a few years, but we have done something that neither I or Mrs Old trooper had ever thought we would ever achieve......

We have become: GEEK ROYALTY. 

 What dose that get you? Well a huge bar bill. Many dirty forks, a full trash can, decorations placed in very odd locations and in compromising positions, filthy floors and a dam big tent obstructing most of the driveway and a few pissed off neibors who are probably afraid to say anything..

And I would not trade it for the world. 

 We have people from all walks of life. From the chronic underemployed to doctors and lawyers. The entire staff of Old troopers to reputable people! They look foreward to these parties. For all of the "others" in school, this is what we all have become...  Sure beats most parties where you have a "bar" of a few bottles of "plastic bottle" booze and a few two liters. Crappy music so loud you have to leave the room to think. Yeah, none of that... 

So, this is how geeks party... In a costume, with good drinks... Go figure....

And for some odd reason, they come to us to do it! 

    So, the moral of this curious, rambling tale: Embrase your I ever geek, chances are you are not alone. Forget blending in. Find others like you: get together. Take over the world.... 

Or at least throw a great party! 

      And in other news, 

We are swamped! Have a months solid of work and only a few days to actually try to do it in! My "normal job" scedule is becoming more erratic, so that makes for a non productive gunsmithing production scedule. But on the bright side, will hopefully be picking back up #1 (our first apprentice) and may actually get some work done! Everything from a martini henery with a firing pin issue, M1 carbine build with a handguard that will not fit, piles of m44's, to poly guns that need a detail strip and clean. Hell, somewhere in there is a semi auto tommy gun that needs a rebarreled...

Help can not come to soon! 

The shop still has yet to be cleaned... And it shows! 

Odd we are....

Old troopers actual:


100 years, and yes I am back!

Posted on July 14, 2016 at 3:08 AM Comments comments (325)
           It has been 100 years since the greatest combat bloodletting known to man. The centennial of the Some offensive. Where old ideas of chivalry, glory and honor died, face first in a mud filled trench. The brightest and best Europe had to offer was swept away under the terror of machine gun fire or the random obliteration of massed artillery strikes. The war started with old Europe. Wooden stocked bolt rifles, colorful uniforms, horses and flags flying. Ended with machine guns, drab utilitarian uniforms, aircraft and a changed world. It came out good for us in America. Despite our administration's best efforts (Wilson) we became a big player on the world stage. Sort of funny (odd, not ha-ha) if you think of it. From being more territory than country before the Spanish American war (1898) to a major player with outposts as far as the Philippines and a few seats on the League of Nations, dictating terms to the old world (1918).  
     Yes, it did not come easy. The Spanish American war was a lot of bluster with really crappy tactics. And we would end up inheriting Spain's problems in the Philippines, those pesky fundamentalist, sword swinging,  Muslims trouble-makers     : the Morrows. Than there was the whole Pancho Via thing. Americas first "dessert war" chancing a Mexican bandit with political aspirations. With little success.  Than there is the whole "WW1 experience".  That was just interesting. Started off as isolationist (good move considering the blood letting that would result) ran on staying out of "European problems" as a reelection campaign promise. To being fully involved in the war in a few months! All it took was one ship being torpedoed  off the Irish cost and a telegram to Mexico... One of the few, if only prompts I will ever give to the Woodroe Wilson (I hate that guy) administration, is his "spin doctors" and propagandists were brilliant! They thought the world modern propaganda. Or as we call it now: modern ADVERTISING! Heck, the Nazis learned a lot from the progressive Wilson administration. They just took it a step further. Even the Margret Sanger eugenics thing, yes, they went further than black family's and abortions... But the Germans were never known to do anything "half bottomed"!  It is safe to say, the bitterness and mismanagement that followed ww1 set the stage for ww2. But that is another story for another day. 

   I would like to think that we have learned a lot in the last 100 years. 

   But I read the news and unfortunately see differently. 

       Anyways, there will be an article on "trench warriors" in the very near future. So, please stay tuned. 

      In other news, I am back from my unwanted Texas vacation. Yep, Ft. Bliss still sucks.. And I would like to thank my administration section for making my retirement decisions for me. Yeah, not doing this crap again. Is safe to say I am as outdated as a softskin cargo back HUMMV. Will see what the next administration has in store for the war fighters. This one seems to want them out as fast as possible. 
      Got back shortly before the Independence day holiday. About an hour before it actually. Celebrated it the way they did originally. Firing a wad from a flintlock ever so often, cooking meat over a fire... Was a good time...
    So, over the last week have been attempting to put the shop back together. Finding half of my tools. Most of which was due to the disorganized nature of a busy shop in the first place!  And then the sudden work stoppage, others borrowing tools in my absence. Oh! Fun! But did get the experiential AMD65 put back together. The "redemption gun of the quarter" built. A very nice parts kit M1 rifle in 7.62 NATO. The stock is still soaking up finish, so not quite ready for its owner yet. Still have "mongo's" remington10 to fix. Broken firing pin and jammed bolt to an overcharged round. But is an auto5 copy, so is complex to preform Maintence on this monster. Along with a pile of "tec-9's and tec-22's" to clean and test fire. I hate these dam things. Have a hole in a parts bin from a customer's tec9 with a jammed bolt. Unloaded, yeah, sure... But have a 1911 to customize after those get off the rack. Than there is an ar10, who's manufacturer will remain nameless that had two of the screws break off that held on the free float handguard. Two out of eight is not that bad. But why did the brake in the first place? We got one out, but the bit broke on drilling out the second... So much for an easy job. The bit is still in the tiny hole! 

   Little bit, by little bit...

    Toledo is having it's first "jeep fest" in August. And yes, the "company car"  will hopefully be there. So far she has a wretched track record for making it to these events. But to to the great ability of my "old school" mechanic/father inlaw it has its trashed carb replaced with a fresh rebuild.  Now to get that steering shake thing fixed, will be fine... But has to run first!  

Maybe paint out the scratches again...

   Enough rambling for tonight. 

      Old troopers actual, 

**** interruption in service***

Posted on June 11, 2016 at 4:24 PM Comments comments (108)
I really hate this time of the year. Not only do we get to experience the annual "humidity fest" here in the Great Lakes, where you can take a warm bath and never have to get undressed. But it is also time that the collective national guard units have their annual "sustainment training" or what us old timers refer to as "summer camp". 

        In the "Obama age" it is as bad as one may think it is. Lots of UN nessary training about things that combat solders, heck any soldiers should have to worry about. Many, many UN needed paper work that is now done on a computer. Nothing ever moves smoothly and is constantly a game of one hand not knowing what the other hand, or even what the foot up its ass is doing...

    Retirement can not come soon enough. 

     Needless to say, even though I had attended the EXACT SAME TRAINING two years ago. I get to go back for the same training in the same southern Texas *£€^% hole.  Many, many people in the unit have not gone to any "sustainment training" for the better portion of a decade, but for some odd reason ** cough, cough** my number "mysteriously" came up..... 


Last shafting from the "big blue weeney" before I hang up uncle sugars uniform for the last time. 

Fine, fine... Can not wait for my "out interview" and they ask me why I chose to separate... It is going to sound like a George Carlin bit.... Yeah, that bad.... 

And then I can not collect till I hit 60! Well, will have the store to worry about soon enough... 

And I will have my sanity back............ 

     Anyways, from June 15 to July 05 we will be running with our "back office" manning. So, we will still be able to receive firearms. But transferring them will be the problem. We will have someone come in to do transfers, but it may be once a week at best.  We are doing our best to adapt and overcome. And it may not go well as we hope. So please bear with us. 

Thank you for your understanding..

Your normal programming will resume shortly. 

Old troopers actual,