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Am I avoiding you?

Posted on January 9, 2020 at 12:42 PM Comments comments (8745)
          Well simply put yes. 

          This is the first time I’m using the dictation feature on this computer hoping it will speed things up a little bit. But a lot of people of expressed concerns that the  website is dead. No I assure you it is not dead. However is a pain in the butt to update. And as I assume many of you have probably gathered I’m not the most technologically savvy here. 
      And I know some of you have to read the last blog blog post with wondering what these big things were. Unfortunately the big things never really came to be. Due to the incredibly uncertain nature of commercial retail locations in the city of Toledo and the amount of cost of owning a commercial property in the city that plan has been put on hold for a while. 
   However we’re still down here turning wrenches removing rust. Unfortunately we have become by default the best gun Smith’s in the city of Toledo. Simply because the rest of them appear to of died off. Or left the business. So that leaves us being the only people doing what we do. And unfortunately contrary to this time last year I am not a wash and apprentices and so far it’s just me.
 However we’re still down here turning wrenches removing rust. Unfortunately we have become by default the best gunsmiths in the city of Toledo. Simply because the rest of them appear to of died off. Or left the business. So that leaves us being the only people doing what we do. And unfortunately contrary to this time last year I am not a wash and apprentices and so far it’s just me. 
       That leads me to the other problem. This website. I have a lot of workload down here because I am pretty much the only monkey turning wrenches. Priority one is customers projects. Also the incoming transfers. I seem to be one of the few FFL‘s in this area they charge a reasonable price for a transfer. So that alone has kept me incredibly busy. 3rd is updating the Facebook page. You’re probably wondering why I update the Facebook page and I don’t update this is often. Simply put this thing is a bit of a pain in the butt update and I supposedly  had people that were going to update this for me. People who are supposed to bring me out of the 1980s technological slump that I am in. 

    Unfortunately that is where we sit. So I’m going to attempt to update this get some more items onto our sale page because I know it is looking rather pale. But if you want to keep up with the latest and greatest for old troopers please go to our Facebook page old trooper Gun Smith old trooper Surplus and owner operator of old trooper gunsmiths where you can see the latest and greatest activities items for sale and nonsensical rants. 
 Now I feel bad  for being away from the workbench this long. I’m going to have to get back to work now. And then attempt to update the sale page in a little bit. 

Until the next, 

Old trooper actual, 


Oh look.... saw this one coming..

Posted on September 7, 2019 at 11:26 AM Comments comments (403)
    Ok, a rather quick angry rant. Have not done one of these in a while, so, well some things need to be said. 

      So, what an interesting buzz saw my country has backed itself into recently. Seems to be every time there is some sort of major political controversy that makes a certain party look bad, boom something happens to draw national attention away from it.  So what happened to the massive voter fraud allegations?   So, who did Epsteine point his finger at before he was made “not alive anymore”? Oh well. Here is the crap sandwich we have been handed. 

So, now we have to cope with it. 

Or at least  try to. 

So, we as gun owners are now back to where we were in 2012/13 after sandy hook or columbine, or the Lubys cafeteria shooting or the assassination attempt that wounded John Brady. 

We are again the enemies of popular opinion. 

Enemies because the newspaper/t.v./ social media told them that we were. 

  Who exactly is the originators of this hostile opinion of us? When I say “US” I refer to you, the readers of this blog. I can only assume you are a gun owner, firearms enthusiast. Or possibly anti” that is horrified at the mere existence of this page and of people like me. Yet reads this page and it’s minimal updates (yes, am sorry, and quite busy keeping this thing running. Let alone updating the blog) to keep tabs on whom you consider the “crazies”.  
         The origins of gun control and the gun control movement are quite old. Most gun control measures and laws were passed when emotions were running high. Take the first gun control laws were passed in the post civil war south. By, yep you can kind of guess who. To keep a recently freed minority from defending themselves. Before that, well any sort of “infringements” to our ability to own firepower were few and far between. He’ll there were privately owned warships in use that rivaled anything our small navy had! in fact  before the infamous Gun control act (NFA) act of 1928 machine guns and suppressors were an over the counter item at any hardware or gun store. In fact the GCA (gun control act) was passed at the heights of prohibition era violence. Gee, “we have to do something” was a thing even then. That legislation on emotion continues with the passing of the GCA of 1968. Riding the emotion of the Kennedy  assassination. Because “we have to do something”. 

See where this is going? 

The “evil looking features” ban. Gee thanks Ron for letting this one pass....

The importation of “non sporting weapons” ban.... thanks George 1.

All passed riding some emotional high of of a “tragedy”.

     So, here we are. A smarter people who have seen this song and dance before. And are no longer falling for it. So instead of backing off of the attack on what has made us the most powerful and free republic the world has known, they step up the attack. More emotion, more crying children, more “moms demand action” more celebrities with armed security telling you owning a gun is bad.... 

      And now we have have business stop selling “those evil guns and bullets”. Well, he’ll thank you Walmart and Dicks for helping the small retailers such as myself sell more ammo and “evil items”. You as a private entity can do whatever you wish. Not my stockholders you disappoint. 
   Good for you, hope your “virtue signaling” earns you carbon credits or karma points or whatever mythical currency you are going with. Because it sure will not earn you much money. And the sort of people that this act appeals to really do not shop there. So, enjoy that... 

    Well, I can rant for another hour or so. 

But, got a store to run and books to balance. Have to get ready for our pending move. 

Stay frosty, and do not fall for the crocodile tears. 

There are buckets of them 

Old troopers actual 


Very busy, but big things coming!

Posted on July 25, 2019 at 9:43 PM Comments comments (392)

      All right, the I pad is not the best to update this page, good to know. 

    Been a while, I know. But in addition to the many, many things I have to do to keep this place afloat, updating this one falls by the wayside. Besides answering emails, logging in forms, logging in transfers, actual gunsmithing, answering phones, maintaining a incredible hodgepodge of outdated equipment, because older stuff seems to work best. 

  There is this little gem. 

  Do not get me wrong, I love having a web sigh. 

  We also have its red-headed stepchild the Facebook pages. The Old trooper gunsmiths page, the old trooper surplus page and the “owner operator of oldtrooper gunsmiths” page. These get updated more frequently because, well simply it is much easier to do. 
  So if you like the angry content you may find it there. But even those suffer occasionally, again it is yet another thing that I, head gun crank have to do. Like I need one more dam thing to do. 
   We supposedly have  hired  a web design person to do the updates and a revamp. So, have not seen anything as of yet. And that was around the beginning of the year. Starting to think we are not going to see anything soon. 

   Please check the Facebook pages for the latest guns for sale. They should be up there quicker than they will be up here. We do have inventory, but it is constantly changing, and I try to keep it updated. But for the most part, it is just me down in the dungeon, stoking the coal, greasing the machine, and preforming another human sacrifice on my self to the altar of the company. 

   And if the phone system works, we will still be available. Even that has been challenging lately. Slight difficulty involving a short vacation, and the Atlantic Ocean, a rare (apparently) SIM card, and some compatibility issues. 

 At least gun show season dose not start up till September. Who knows, maybe by then we will be in our new location! 

 We can dream, can’t we? 

Now with “Mrs. Old troopers” shooting me an evil look for working long after we are officially closed, I need to close this up and get ready for tomorrow’s equally busy day. 

 And to all my callers: leave a message dammit! I usually return them! 

Old troopers actual (what is left of him) 


Yes we are still here!

Posted on December 17, 2018 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (413)

I am sure some of you that actually follow this sight have been quite disappointed. I understand. 

We, or to be more exacting:I have fallen quite behind.  

For the most part I am the token monkey turning wrenches, deleting spam blog comments, intake, transfers, smithing, answering e mails, and trying to figure out what visa prints major malfunction is.  So, I am behind. Behind on smithing projects, behind updating the websight, hell, have not cleaned off my workbench since June! 

So, bear with us, we are bringing on some more people (hopefully, so far not pleased) to Handel web based things, because really this is sort of one of my least favorite things to do here. 

I can see it now: "but you update the Facebook page, why can't you do it here? Your just lazy" 

 Look, it is vastly easier to update a Facebook business page. I can do that on a phone! Take picture, wright blurb, post...  and really, sort of behind on that too. 

So bear with me, am a gunsmith, not a very good webmaster. 

And yes, the surplus page is up there too... 

Yeah, great. Another thing I have to maintain. But am trying my best here. 

Sorry to sound like I am complaining, but this is the first time in a long time I have sat Dow on this thing to pound out something that may or may not post....

Best wishes in the new year. Hope for changes here. 

We are long overdue!

Old troopers actual,


The Misunderstood SKS

Posted on April 26, 2018 at 2:17 PM Comments comments (563)
     As a wiser man than I had once said "I just don't get no respect". 

        That is sort of where this little rifle falls. To many this is a "Cheap assault rifle". Or "poor man's AK". And here in the shop we have seen a lot of abuse heaped on this little carbine.
    Bulpup stocks, a plethora of synthetic stocks, wood in all sorts of levels of butchery. Chinese, Russian, Yugoslavian, Romanian. We have seen all of them. Many people just see a cheap rifle in the AK caliber, 7.62x39. And it is treated in the same way the mosins are now, or mausers and springfeilds in previous generations. 
      The first thing that most people do is replace the magazine. On behalf of the many American gunsmiths that have to fix the "It don't run" problem:STOP THIS! The rifle was meant to run off of a  10 round box mag and to be fed with a stripper clip. There were a few countries that made this rifle. And with anything made in a socialist country, they lack the crucial thing we call STANDARDIZATION! Simply put the parts from one countries make of SKS may (and probably will not) fit another countries rifle. So that being said, what on earth would make you think that they could make a detachable magazine that would fit ALL models? No, it dose not work. So before you throw a fit that your tapco mags run just fine, well you got lucky. Or are running a Chinese rifle.
       Other than the standardization issue, there is the other rather sizable elephant in the room on thins issue. The front magazine locking surface. It quite literally is a 1/8 (I am being charitable here) of a steel wedge. No locking surface, no spring loaded catch, no hardened steel, just a cut in the bottom of the receiver. This little area is hard to find with the "duck bill" of the "conversion" mags. changes. And it will get damaged eventually. Rending  the little carbine a semi automatic single shot. There is a reason the AKM has a hardened shelf to lock the front of the mag in place. The design was not meant to take a detachable mag. The only way to retrofit one to take one is to add a mag well similar to a Kalishnicov. Which the Chinese did to some rifles before the "Evil looking weapons features" ban of 1994.
        And before you go thinking about having this done, it is not an easy process. And would be rather time consuming. For the cost, you would be better off getting one of the many kalishnicopysd out there.

     Synthetic stocks. I know there were some fiberglass stocks made by the Chinese to give/ lend to their NVA allies. I have one. Tried to fit it to a Chinese military SKS. Yeah, well after a few hours of tinkering it still dose not fit....   The aftermarket stocks: See "STANDARDIZATION" above.
      Look, they are nice rifles. They were first used in the final months of WW2. Yes WW2! Treat it as a WW2 rifle. Place it in the same "box" as the M1 carbine. And it will do you fine.

 And stock up on those 10 round stripper clips!

Old troopers actual


The non detachable, detachable Magazine. AKA: Stop that

Posted on March 2, 2018 at 2:14 PM Comments comments (524)
   Ever hear something that immediately puts you into "full cringe" mode?  I do. Whenever I hear someone ask me where they can get more mags for their Enfield. I usually ask if the old one is missing. and most certainly it is not, they just wanted another two or three for "quick reloading".

    With this being the "Month of the Enfield" Here at old troopers, lets give the old Brit warhorse its due and "nip this one in the bud" shall we?

       Stop it, just stop it!  Good I have gotten that out.

   Here is why. The Magazines on the SMLE series (Lee metford all the way through the 2A{the pattern 14 and 17 rifles excluded}) were detachable. But they are not INTERCHANGEABLE They were detachable for ease of cleaning! Not so the soldier could rapidly reload!  Each magazine is individually fitted to its rifle. And a magazine from another rifle may (and in many cases) will not interchange. 
        The rifle was made when everyone else had a 5 or six shot rifle. Having 10 round capacity was "far superior" according the the Board of Ordinance (Their ordinance corps). So superior in fact that they placed, like most armies of the time, a "magazine cut off" to make the solder fire one shot at a time. Very common for the long range marksmanship oriented armies of the pre WW1 era. The detachable/ interchangeable magazine for a combat rifle really did not catch on until the semi-automatic era. Before than you loaded your rifle with stripper clips. Remember, the clip goes INTO the MAGAZINE.
       In fact many of the early semi autos were still meant to be fed with stripper clips. Rifles like the SVT38/40, and the many German failed rifles may have had detachable mags, but you may have only been issued two of them and they were all hand fitted to the individual rifle.
       The concept of battle rifles with interchangeable box mags all started with the anemic M1 carbine. It (excuse the pun) sort of grew from there. With the STG series, And the post war "Kalishnicov automant" pattern, and the Nato .30, er.. 7.62 battle rifles.

     So those of you out there looking for more Mags for their #4mk1, please remember somewhere there is a poor rifle missing its mag because of people like you..

Please stop the madness: Use a stripper clip!

 This is old troopers actual


Got to get the bread and milk!! Winter firearms precautions.

Posted on January 15, 2018 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (403)
               Unless you live in a tropical climate with your large bugs and hurricanes. Or never leave Mom's basement for longer than would require you to put on more than pajama pants, you have been outside in one of mother natures "I hate you" moments called :Winter. I know we have to call it "climate change" now. But It is still winter to me.
     So, you have to go out in this low key hostility. Well, Hopefully you are dressed for it at least. Always over dressed, can always take off. But finding more to put on is an issue. Always prepare to be out for a longer trip than you expect. Always make sure your transportation can make it to destination and it is in good repair. Wear sunglasses, ect, ect,

       But what a few of us forget is that there is a different level of care required for firearms use in this nastiness.

      And not being prepared can be disastrous.

        Most armies knew the limitations of their weapons and tactics during winter. Most armies, historically went into "winter quarters" during these,.. less than hospitable months. Horses froze, supply chains failed. flints shatter, percussion caps loose effectiveness. Not to mention the frozen solders attempting to use them.  Take for instance Napoleons disastrous push on Moscow. The best army of the time being ground down to a starving rabble after a brutal winter campaign. The splendid uniforms in tatters and the proud colors in rags. Not from just the Czars troops, but from "General winter".
       Come to think of it, on one has really waged a successful push on Moscow. Is that not right Fritz?
       Even in modern warfare with our heaters, machine guns and aircraft we are still subjected to "general winters" wrath.  

        Take the Finnish wars for instance. The Russians learned the hard way how to fight in the bitter cold. The grease the Russian troops used in their rifles and machine guns became SOLID in the Finnish cold. The ammo refused to fire due to it not being sealed properly. Tanks and aircraft ineffective against the ski mounted Finns.
    So, why did one army, armed almost (almost) identically. That was a fraction of the size of the invading army fare so incredibly well?  Simply put: they understood their limitations. And adapted.

         So, This being said: here are some tips that they learned that will pass on to you to ensure that you do not become another one of "General winter's" causalities.
     One: Clean you firearm. I know I have said this time and time again, but this time it is a little more important! All that "crud" in it. Pocket lint, dirty grease and oil, ect dose not react well to the cold. Best you should remove it.

      Two: Rotate/ replace you ammo. If you get new carry ammo every year, now would be the time to do it. As brass cases age, they acquire a "film" to them. It usually shows as discoloration. Sometimes it gets a little sticky. See where I am going here? Fresh clean ammo Is best. And really, who wants to have to clear a jam with gloves on, on a pocket pistol? Reduce that possibility. You will thank me later.

     Three: New lube. I know that synthetic grease, and frog lube you have been using since july is your "go to". Well, you wil want to get rid of that wile it is cold. The thicker lubes and greases congeal in the cold and become almost solid if cold enough! Not conductive for peace, happiness and long life.Go with a lighter lube like remi-oil, LAW or gunzilla wile it is cold.  Or, if you are in "extreme cold" or are an old school, or Finnish try Kerosene. Don't laugh it works.. Light enough to stay unfroze and is usually everywhere in cold climates!

      This should be a good start.

   Oh, look more snow...

Old troopers actual,


So, you found a machine gun.....

Posted on December 7, 2017 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (401)

Yes, I have this (Insert cool/lame  machine gun here) I would like to sell it.

     Nice try ATF....

    But seriously, it dose happen. Grandpa (And sometimes grandma) was a bad ass at one time. And took home shootable "participation trophy's" from close combat in the war. Well they went on to built a home, family, country, Nation, ect. And the old souvenirs were locked away in a foot locker to be seldom heard from again. Maybe brought out ever so often on a veterans day or memorial day only to be carefully returned for another time. 
      These unfortunately were never paperworked or registered with the feds. Yes, hard to believe this but you were still able to register a machine gun all the way until April of 1986. Hard to imagine in today's rabid anti-gun culture. But no tax stamp or parerwork, you have a .45 or 9mm felony on your hands.
     Now do not go blaming your stoic veteran relative. Honestly it was a war souvenir to them. Never would have thought you needed to get the "Goberment" involved in their  bad memories. The thought of registration probably never crossed their minds. Or that anyone would EVER go to prison for a war trophy.
    Well the times have unfortunately changed. And our war heroes are passing by the hundreds a day. And an  unknowledgeable  public is cleaning out attics and footlockers. Finding Thompsons, stens, MP40's, STG44's and many different now illegal weapons.
     What to do....

   Well in many municipalities you would think of calling the police. And for the most part they will take the machine gun off your hands. Unfortunately many of them will be melted down as some damm fool show of ":keeping the streets safe" yeah, sure you are...  And most hope that they will not be in any trouble for even possessing the darn thing before turn over. But that is an option.

      Find a museum. It is a better option for old grand dads war trophy. But finding one that will take it may be the hard part.

     "Demill" the gun. Well that is a fancy way of saying "destroy" so can not fire. It can be done. but it is not pretty. Cutting and welding is involved.

     Bury it. Get rid of it. just make sure it will not fall into bad hands.

Do not attempt to sell the darn thing!! Unless the receiver is destroyed! You will be in possession and attempting to sell an unregistered (illegal) NFA item!

   By all means, no not take this rant as Gospel. Please do not listen to the "internet experts". Most of their advice will land you in jail. 

    For the best information look to the BATF&E's websight.

tread carefully.

Old troopers actual


I usually do not leave bad reviews, but.....

Posted on November 14, 2017 at 1:26 PM Comments comments (234)
happened, it finally happened..
This is my third time writing this post. Lets just say there is extra venom now... 
      I very seldom ever say anything bad about a product unless they have earned it. And my info on a subject/ product must be either first hand or come from a trusted source. Most online reviews are posted up by the company selling or making the product and of course come across as shining examples or just come across as sour grapes and written out of spite. Most of these are taken with a grain of salt and the  shot of Tequila that should come with it..
     So, the company today is Apex gun parts. Not Armory Parts EXchange that I go through for a lot of surplus parts and kits, but the maker of aftermarket pistol accessories. So, if you want to make your Smith & Wesson M&P into some sort of race gun or "Rod it up" they
are pretty much the only game in town.
        We here at old troopers are a cynical lot by nature. And aftermarket "performance parts" to us are sort of like a spoiler on a honda civic :WHY??  But we give the customer what they want. I had first heard of the aftermarket parts manufacturer in a gunsmithing trade publication. Some positive reviews, that oddly were all worded identically or incredibly similar. Sort of sent up a red flag there. But then there were some bad. One of the smiths was complaining that an aftermarket sear had worn down after 30 rounds and was causing the pistol to "go Irish auto". Another was complaining of a "match fit" barrel that was bored off center. And some other abnormalities. But we chalked it up to a company having a bad day, or not hearing the "rest of the story" of someone taking a dremnel tool to something that required a stone...
      But the damming one was from a former (read former) competitive shooter. She was running the rehalfted Walther ( The M&P) and had before the match installed an aftermarket sear kit. Had another competitor polish the sear. Pistol preformed fine at first, than the trigger pull began DROPPING about 20 rounds in. Upon re holster the firearm discharged. Her fingers no where near the trigger guard. The bullet smashed through her thigh and calf causing extensive bone and nerve damage. Severely damaging or ending her competitive carrier. Not good... But what did that guy do to her sear to get it to do that??
        Than I had one come in.. It was a high round count pistol (In the thousands) that the customer wanted "Rodded up". Had a new trigger, sear, and match fit barrel. It seamed to be a rather straightforward job. Just like the many G-lock "speed kits" we have begrudgingly put in. So the impatient client left.
      The trigger was rather straightforward. It came with two springs. The sear went in well enough.. That is when the first problems began cropping up. The function check and trigger pull put it at 2.7 lbs and DROPPING. Yeah, I am not giving this guy a full auto... So had to put in the "5 lb spring" That puts it up to 3.8lbs and holding.. Ok, not great, but ok... Said he wanted a lighter trigger pull on a gun with a 5lb pull already.. but, ok..
      Than comes the barrel. I would rather do a dozen 1911 match barrels and bushings or three dozen P99 barrels than one of these again..  Apparently "gunsmith fit" means "Send this to Apex because no mere mortal smith could possibly do this to our specifications" fit. It too the better portion of a shop day to fit this dam thing. It was close, so no powertools with the exception of a cloth buffer. All emery cloth an diamond files... And in the process of fitting this barrel and dry firing it about 30 times, the sear began to not engage.. Causing the pistol to have to be completely disassembled (trigger has to be depressed and gun "fired" to release the slide)  to get apart. The trigger group was dissembled and reassembled no fewer than 26 times...  The "new sear had worn a visible notch in its bearing surface.. Attempted to polish, it did nothing except frustrate me greatly. Had to that fit the old sear to the new parts, that  took longer than ever expected.. We tried combinations of parts, old and new, new barrel, old barrel, the thing was a royal pain that seamed to only work when it wanted to..   After burning an entire shop day on this cursed thing it finally passes a function check. Good.. No mag, can not test fire.. Great.. Call the client the next mourning. He had already called about every day the thing was with us...  And I am not well known for my tolerance with inpatient people. Sure enough, it did not pass, sear follower forward. I offered if he left me a mag I can get it running, but, being impatient he took it anyways. I charge what would have been a 6 hour job the $60 originally quoted (yes the accountant still has not forgiven me for it) and all of his parts, new and old in a baggie.
         A few days later I get a call from the customer again. He had taken the gun to Apex or one of there authorized service centers, really did not matter. But they said I had take off to much metal off the bottom of the barrel and that caused all the problems. And of course there was nothing wrong with any of their parts. It was entirely the fault of the gunsmith that attempted the fitting..  Sure....
       So I have to buy Mr. impatient another barrel. And of course the "Can not be fitted by mortal man" barrel is not cheap. Hell two of these bastards you could have bought a new M&P at pre rebate prices! Again another thing that has not sit well with the accountant..
    But I got the "defective barrel" back. Wouldn't you know it, bored off center. Hell is not even in the middle of the recess for the "target crown". But I took off to much metal... sure...  maybe I did, Maybe it was defective parts, or maybe the pistol was so worn out of spec.....
But somehow I doubt it.

Take my cautionary tale as you will. It is, after all, just MY experience.

 So if Ye wish to "rod up" yonder Smith, be warned: There be monsters out there.

stay safe.

old troopers actual,


A few changes...

Posted on September 4, 2017 at 2:28 PM Comments comments (460)
             There comes a time when you just have to move on. No, am not leaving old troopers, far from it. this ATF mandated nightmare will very much continue with my disgruntled ass still at the helm. But now this is my full time gig again. My " normal", if it could ever be called that, job forced me into retirement. I was happy to go. I am not a fit there anymore. they moved on to some social bizarre experiment, I was still here going "when do I get to shoot things and break there stuff"?? So, as I was informed, it was time for me to go... 
        So, we will, well me for the most part will finally get to unbury myself from the mountain of shop work. Heck, I finally, finally{!} opened the window above the shop! So, that is what outside looks like?!?! And have been able to start on the long put off shop and grounds projects. We have finally updated the web sight. I know that was long overdue. And are getting a new web master that will make this look less... well.... like I did it with my mad Neanderthal computing skills, or therefore lack of.. Have finally gotten gravel in the parking area down. Been only putting that one off for a decade or so.. So, hopefully less mud for all. Have been able to clean and categorize some of the surplus. As well as attempt to patch the hole in the attic where most of the surplus is being stored.  
      So, if you ask me "how is retirement and all your extra time?  I will punch you... I have been meaning to do this update for the last month. And am just doing it NOW! Been more active now than when I worked for someone else! So, will get to it..... eventually.

     No, our hours will not be changing for a bit. Most of that is to take care of that extensive backlog, And the incredible project list I have had for quite some time. Still have a 69 lotis and a 52 dodge M37 have to get moving. The dodge is mine, the lotis is "Mrs. Old troopers". Infernal British cars.. As well as an addition to a barn that is not even mine to house some other projects.. So, maybe around the holiday season (After the important one of Halloween) the hours may change. But until then, same hours. 

     We will be offering more classes and courses. One CCW class a month. And we will have a "Introduction to combat rifle" course. As well as a few "AR only" and "AK only" classes. As well as an advanced rifle class. 

   our you tube channel looks like it may actually happen. In pre production now.

 So, yes forgive me if I am in a bad mood. My tail has been on fire for the last few weeks and it dose not look like it will be put out any time soon.
Please be patient

old troopers actual